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Revisit our first webinar for Women in Security

As we are approaching the next event at 17th October, we'd love to share a quick review on our first and noteably successful WiS event.

The ASIS International Hungary Chapter held its very first Women in Security Webinar on 31 st May 2022, which – unlikely other sessions – was an open one. During our one-hour session we had two guests who spoke about their experience within the ASIS International organisation, as well as about their respective carrier in the security field.

Our session call word was ‘Improvement’ as both our guests told us about how their participation in ASIS International improved their professional life too.

Lisa Zarzycki, from Daimler Truck North America, talked about her 30 years of experience in the Security Industry, how her peers in ASIS International could help her with certain questions, what she likes most about the ASIS GSX event, how the CSO Centre works and how can one apply for the Awards of Excellence within the ASIS organization and why these topics are important. Lisa also shared her story how they changed the Crisis Management response ways within her company to

achieve better results and give back more effective responses.

Kristiina Mellin, from Accenture, talked about her 20 years of experience in the Security Industry, how she was the very first woman to achieve the Triple Crown, why certifications are important, what was her experience on the Certification Board, how the organization becomes more respective of regions and how it means that everyone can get closer to participate in the work of the Regional Boards. Kristiina also spoke about the importance of Communities within ASIS International and how

the Webinars can help someone’s professional development.

We really enjoyed this one-hour session we could spend with the two Ladies and we were grateful that they could share their experience with us.

Got interested? Visit to find the next webinar!

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