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ASIS Hungary Mentoring Program in collaboration with the National University of Public Service (NUPS) provides resources, advice and guidance through one-on-one connections to the security professionals of the future. The Program’s main purpose is to provide a tailored support for those students of NUPS who are actively pursuing a full time degree related to the private security industry.


Mentor benefits

  • A chance to give back to your profession

  • Personal fulfillment

  • Opportunity to educate, influence, and inspire the future leaders of the industry


Mentee benefits

  • Preparation for starting a career in the security industry

  • Connect with an experienced professional

  • Gain knowledge and experience

  • Expand network of contacts

  • Job skill improvement

Our mentees said about the program

'I highly recommend to take part if you'd like to start your career with additional value, besides the university degree. I became a mentee before graduation in 2020 and it was a great experience that how the Chapter and the mentors treated us. In my mentor I met a supportive person that is open to our generation, with whom I could talk about the profession freely and in a personalized way. Besides teaching usual security management topics, he tried to make me ready as a future employee trough developing lead skills or job interview emulation, which was proved to be useful in my real life interviews. In one word, go ahead!'

Peter Hunyadi


Arnold Nemoda

'The ASIS mentoring program was my best success story at the university’s time. It includes networking, learn professional knowledge and even I found my dream job with the help of mentor program, because it help me to acquire the skills of presentation, interview and to discussion with high professional executives. Mentor program was a good opportunity, grab it for you can become an up-to-date young professional.'

I want to join the Program

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