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Zoltán Papp


Zoltán started his career as a trainee in the Security Department at Alcoa Ltd. (at that time the second biggest American employer in Hungary) and quickly gained knowledge about various technological aspects of security. His competence in this field, coupled with developing leadership and management skills, led to him being appointed as a manager of the whole security department. In 2010 he was hired as a Personal Safety Manager at Provident Financial Hungary. Recently his key responsibilities at Provident to lead the Loss Prevention function in Hungary and Romania, which devise and deliver the necessary strategy, techniques and tools ensuring best practice in Safety, Fraud, AML, Information Security, Business continuity, Physical Security, Incident and Crisis Management that continuously improves to mitigate future and emerging risks. He has proven track history of success in delivering value through cultural change and continual improvement across a wide spectrum of risk. He joined ASIS in 2010 and he had been elected as the Chairman of the Hungary Chapter for 2021.

Zoltan started his journey with the ASIS Hungary Chapter in 2015. He serves the Community with all of his passion on Physical Security. He became a Board Member in 2019 in the role of Technology Lead. Over two years he has organized several events with creating more value for the others. He was elected as a Vice Chairman in 2021 and will be working with members within Hungary and abroad to achieve new heights for the security industry. He has almost two decades of security engineering experience in critical infrastructure and security project management, operation and technology experience in diverse cultural environments worldwide. 


Zoltán Balkó



Sándor Szabó 


After graduating in 2007 with a degree in law and political sciences from Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Sándor was working as an immigration officer for 3 years. In 2011, he decided to continue his career at MOL Group, where in both subject matter expert and managerial roles he gained valuable experiences on the fields of strategy planning, security & risk management, process design & implementation and organisational development & transformation. During this 8 years’ long journey, he passed the legal bar exam and became a Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP). In 2019, he joined to HDT, a mother company of Hirtenberger Defence Systems “The Mortar Company” as an advisor; now, he is the managing director of the company. Sándor is a member of ASIS since 2018 and obtained the CPP certification in 2020.

Sandor is an engineer of Safety and Security. He started his uniquely versatile career maintaining, designing and installing electric security systems and currently he is a Country Security Manager for one of the world's biggest software companies.  He is an experienced Senior Expert in security with a demonstrated history of working in several fields of the industry from energy, telco, banking, IT, or healthcare. Skilled in Crisis Management, Corporate Security, information security, and GDPR. He has working experience both in physical and IT Security as well. He has joined ASIS Hungary in 2015 and currently, he is the Treasurer of the ASIS Hungarian Chapter. Surprisingly has a degree and experience in the field of marketing communication and in the Creative industry, too.


Sándor Oroszi



Tímea Kusztos 

Women in Security Liaison

Tímea started her career in the Security Department in 2015 when she joined Accenture and became responsible for the Physical Security, Business Continuity and Health & Safety matters of the Budapest offices. During her years with Accenture she acquired more and more experience in project management, in ISO 27001 internal and external audits, training development and crisis management. Later on she took upon other challenges at MVM Services Zrt. and IBM Data Storage System Kft, while she had the opportunity to grow more and more in the Business Continuity and Crisis Management field. Tímea joined ASIS International in 2019 and had been elected to the Board in 2022.

He got his private security management degree at the National University of Public Service’s Faculty of Law Enforcement in 2020. His relationship with ASIS Hungary Chapter started during his studies within a mentoring program and he joined the organization as a result. Since 2021 he's been taking part managing and developing the organization's online platforms. Currently he works as an information security consultant, focusing on the cybersecurity of ICS, cyber-physical systems and critical infrastructure. 


Péter Hunyadi

Communications Chair


Arnold Nemoda

Young Professionals Liaison

Nemoda Arnold graduated in 2020 with a degree in law enforcement administration from the National University of Public Servicies. During his university years, he met the mentoring program of ASIS Hungary Chapter as a graduate, for which he was successfully admitted. In 2020 during this mentoring program he joined the ASIS' team. From 2021, he was already actively involved in coordinating the mentoring programs, later organizing roadshows. And from 2022, he will be a board member as a Young Professionals Liaison. He started his career as an area security manager, and from 2021 he will be working at Provident Financial Plc as a loss prevention manager. Its activities include professional guidance, loss prevention tasks, investigation and reporting.

David Nyéki has been working in the security industry since 2005. In the first years of his career he gained experience primarily in the protection of industrial facilities. From 2014 to 2017 he worked for a security provider specialized for the retail sector; at this company he organized the asset protection and loss prevention operations of several multinational retail corporations. From 2017 to 2021 he has been Risk Manager at OBI Hungary Ltd, from June 2021 he works as Corporate Security Expert at Bosch Hungary. He holds a BSc degree in defense administration and an MBA. Since 2018, he has been supporting the ASIS Hungary Chapter in various volunteer positions.

Nyeki_David (1).png

Dávid Nyéki

Membership Chair

Dénes kép II_edited.jpg

Dénes Domán

Certification Representative

Denes' security carrier started in 2006. Alongside other areas of physical security, He has gained most of his carrier goals in the guarding sector, throughout front line and executive challenges. He has worked as a bodyguard, has led security crews of luxury hotels and as a specialist has organised security teams for companies and high end events. Denes has worked all around the world. Starting from Europe, throughout South-America and the Middle-East. He has moved back to Hungary in 2021. Since then he has been holding the title of Head of Security for a car electric component manufacturing company. In terms of studying, Denes is a proud owner of the certificate of the famous ASIS-Certified Protection Professional.

Gábor began his career as a police officer but after 8 years of service he was looking for new challenges in the field of security. He worked at IBM's manufacture plant as a security team leader and then held various positions in the MOL Group and its member companies, from being security expert thru country security manager position to top management. During his 13 years of experience, he became acquainted with the full spectrum of the security field – strategy/vision development, organizational development, risk management, physical / technical security, investigation, compliance, project management, human security, crisis and business continuity management, IT security. He has been an active member of the ASIS Hungary Chapter since 2020.

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Gábor Szép

Mentorship Program Coordinator, Law Enforcement Liaison

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