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1st session on Travel Risk Management

On April 14th the first session of ASIS Hungary's two part Travel Risk Management (TRM) course took place with two honorable presenters, Andy Williams CPP Msyl from Istanbul, executive of Safehotels and Crilly Consulting, and Denes Doman CPP, head of Armatus Risks Security Solutions office in London, UK. Both professionals have significant experience in hotel security and executive protection, which made their session even more authentic.

In the first half, Andy Williams covered an overview of the role of TRM in a company's risk management practice, TRM in high risk areas like the Middle East and also brought us a case study from his past about a case in Beirut, an area affected by the terrorist organization Hezbollah.

In the second half, Denes Doman held an interesting presentation on best practices of executive protection from a TRM point of view, and he also supported his content with personal stories about protecting FC Barcelona stars in London.

The event lasted for 3 hours, but we've been enriched with valuable knowledge worth the time. Participants outside the ASIS Hungary Chapter were members of Austria and Ukraine Chapters and also the Hungarian Security Forum (MBF), a leading professional organization in the country.

We look forward to the second session!

You can find Andy and Denes on LinkedIn:

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