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ASIS International

ASIS International is the leading association in advancing security worldwide, promoting excellence and leadership within the profession and is deeply committed to advancing and reinvesting in the industry. ASIS remains dedicated to expanding and enriching knowledge sharing, best practices and peer-to-peer connections so security professionals across disciplines—and at all stages of their careers—can easily access the information and resources they need to succeed. ASIS also manages the world’s leading security trade conference and expo, Global Security Exchange (GSX), which unites the full spectrum of the industry: cyber, operational and physical professionals from private and public sectors.

ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security) created in 1955 now has 34,000 members in 145 countries and 246 Chapters in 82 countries.

ASIS Hungary Chapter - Our History

The ASIS Hungary Chapter #289 was established after the successful inaugural meeting officially on 15th May 2013 by 16 members.

The organization works of the Hungary Chapter began with the slight pressure and a huge support of the managers and experts of security departments of certain Deutsche Telekom Group companies (first of all Deutsche Telekom itself and T-Mobile CZ), who were not only ASIS  members but had different positions in the leadership of ASIS European regions.

During the inaugural meeting the officers were elected as well:

Chairman: Mr.  Péter Boda

Vice-Chairman: Mr.  Péter Besenyei

Treasurer: Mr.  Jenő Szalay

Secretary: Mrs. Csilla Virágos

The ASIS Hungary Chapters now belongs to  Region 9E, together with Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Lichtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine.


ASIS Hungary Chapter - Present

The Chapter offers valuable content, events and publications, and provides forum for professional conversations and debates, with its mentor program supports the students of security related educational institutions. Now we have 40+ Members, friends from different Companies, from different security domains. We have plans, hope, strength to accomplish our Vision. Stronger Together!

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To create value for our growing community of security professionals. To maximize the utilization of Chapter’s domestic and international network to share best practices, relevant and up-to-date knowledge and being visible, accessible and connected to each other.


ASIS Hungary Chapter is one of the most prestigious and well-known organization for security professionals in Hungary, which contributes to the headship, good reputation of the security industry within the country and abroad, and with its events, publications and activities spreads the best practices, supports the development of the profession within the security domain.

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