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Technology Event (Anyvision, Time and Date Security)

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Idő és helyszín

2021. szept. 21. 16:00 – 18:00 CEST

Az eseményről

Our next Technology event will help us to broader our knowledge on Ai based touchless access control and Visitor Management to plan / build / re-engineer our recent covid operations to an advanced level for present/future in terms of Physical Security Technology to meet with our company’s Future of Work expectations.

Planned Agenda:

Anyvision (45 min.):

Don’t Let Threats Go Unrecognized: Leverage Visual AI to help protect an organization’s assets and physical access points

1.            Company overview

2.            Key Trends

3.            Our Solutions

4.            Ethical Facial Recognition

5.            What makes us different

6.            Q&A

Time and Date Security - TDS (

1. TDS About Us & global customers

2. TDS Visitor Application Feature + Functionality

3. Technical Architecture Overview

4. TDS Visitor Live Demo – Quick Overview

  • Booking Visitors/Employees
  • Visitor Invites/Pre-Screening
  • Host Collection
  • Notifications
  • Overview of Hardware
  • Overview of Dashboards
  • Administration
  • Watchlist

5. Follow Up Slides

  • tdsVisitor Standard Visitor Workflow
  • Custom Configuration
  • Integration/API Overview
  • Business Deliverables


6. TDS Safe Guard (Covid Suite) , TdsLifeSafety,

7. New releases ( TDS Virtual reception , TDS Parcel management )

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